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Advanced Anti-Ageing

Our advanced anti-ageing therapies start with our signature warm pinda ritual and kirei cleanse. Once reserved for royalty, this cleansing ritual combines steamed towels with specialised massage movements to lift the facial contour. Your facial concludes with gentle neck stretches for a totally relaxing experience.


The most advanced therapy to combat lines & wrinkles

75 Minutes - £80    |    Course of 3 - £210

A new generation, advanced therapy for lines & wrinkles. This highly effective treatment offers unparalleled results in reducing the length and depth of wrinkles. Neo Age combines its exclusive formula with an effective massage technique based on Facial Yoga and Facial Cupping that adds to the effectiveness of this treatment. You will also enjoy a shiatsu inspired massage on the scalp, hands and feet. 100% had faded wrinkles & smoother skin*. 90% had fewer deep wrinkles*. 87% had denser skin*. 43% had improvement in length and depth of wrinkles*. 43% had some wrinkles disappear completely*.

*Results are supported by the University of Valencia Faculty of Medicine.

Eye & Lip Therapy

A high-performance treatment targeting both expression and ageing wrinkles around the eyes and lips

45 Minutes - £45    |    Course of 3 - £200

This revolutionary experience provides substantial results in smoothing lines and wrinkles and reducing dark circles whilst providing immediate luminosity to the eye contour and softening and plumping the lip contours. A work protocol that combines products inspired by aesthetic medicine and by the skin’s own self-regeneration mechanisms with 3 infallible expert therapies: Facial Cupping, Eye Yoga and Gua Sha Massage with rose quartz.

Course of 3 should be taken as one treatment every 10 days. Course price includes vital homecare products.

Course of 3 should be taken as one facial weekly for 3 weeks.

Illuminating Radiance

Anti-Fatigue treatment with Vitamin C

75 Minutes - £75

An innovative facial treatment that increases firmness and generates new collagen whilst reducing dark spots and evening pigmentation. Incorporating a patented formulation which increases the benefits of Pure Vitamin C by 6 times. To complement the hands on therapy, a massage ball is utilised to lift facial muscles, release tension and increase blood flow for increased glow.

Clinical Peel

An intensive peel to deeply renew and smooth the skin

45 Minutes - £50    |    Course of 4 - £270

A deeply renewing and anti-oxidising facial peel suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Our AOX system stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reduces pigmentation and dark spots whilst hydrating and renewing the skin. 100% of clients show visibly renewed skin which is smoother, more luminous and firmer*.

*Self-assessment test on 112 individuals after 4 treatments.

Course of 4 should be taken as one facial weekly for 4 weeks. Course price includes vital homecare products.

Client Reviews

I had the Neo Age Facial and from start to finish Siannon was nothing but professional and Knowledgeable. She put me at my ease and explained everything in detail. This was by far the best facial I have ever had and would highly recommend Relax and Renew.

Sheila - Timexpert Rides Neo-Age

Wonderful professional & personal service. Beautiful salon. 100% relaxation. Highly recommended.

Sally - Timexpert Rides Neo-Age

Would like to say my treatment was unbelievable, so relaxing, I've never experienced anything like the treatment, I would reccomend it, Siannon is a credit to the business, so kind , so gentle, & made me feel so relaxed.

Jeannie - Timexpert Rides Neo-Age

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