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Nail Therapies

Spa Manicure

Without polish | 60 Minutes - £36.50

With standard polish | 75 Minutes - £41.50

With gel polish | 90 Minutes - £50

A truly luxury experience. Your treatment begins with nail shaping and cuticle tidy. Hands are exfoliated, wrapped in heated mitts, and soothed with a hand massage. Your treatment concludes with cuticle oil application.

Express Manicure/Pedicure

Without polish | 30 Minutes - £22.50

With standard polish | 45 Minutes - £26

With gel polish | 60 Minutes - £33.50

This treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle tidy and cuticle oil application.

Structure Gel

Add 15 Minutes - £8.50

Add some strength to your gel manicure with structure gel.

Gel Polish Removal

15 Minutes - £10

If your gel polish was applied by me and you are having your gel nails reapplied during the same appointment, the removal will be free.

Spa Pedicure

Without polish | 60 Minutes - £36.50

With standard polish | 75 Minutes - £41.50

With gel polish | 90 Minutes - £50

Give your feet the treat they deserve. Your treatment begins with a warm foot soak, dead skin removal and nourishing scrub. Your nails are shaped and cuticles tidied, before your feet are soothed with a mask and heated booties followed with a relaxing foot massage. Your treatment concludes with cuticle oil application.

Nail Art

French - £5                                          

Chrome - £5

Loose Glitter - £1 per nail or £5 for all

Nail Decal - 50p each                        

Simple Art  |  5 Minutes - £1.50 per nail

Detailed Art  |  Up to 15 Minutes  - £8

Please note that hand drawn art prices are based on the time it takes to complete your chosen design, thus meaning each 15 minute increment will increase in price.                            


Add 15 Minutes - £8

IBX is a new & revolutionary two-part system that acts as a protective shield for the natural nail. IBX can be used under gel polish or on it's own as a strengthening system to grow natural nails more readily on their own! This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail resulting in stronger natural nails.

Client Reviews

Siannon is absolutely brilliant! So friendly and professional, always going the extra mile! After every treatment I have I always leave feeling relaxed and pampered! Would highly recommend.

Katie - Express Gel Pedicure

The best manicure and Gel polish I have ever had. Very professional, welcoming establishment, products top of the range, very impressed! I have already rebooked for 3 weeks time for extra treatments too. Siânnon was so accommodating and provided the best conversation. Super thumbs up!👍🏼

Fantastic service!! Siannon is very pleasant and professional, I would recommend everyone to experience one of the the foot spa's.

Anonymous - Spa Pedicure

Sue - Express Gel Manicure

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